Boxing Day or any day you are free, this is a lovely and varied walk using OS Explorer 190. Start at the little Hamlet of Whiteleaved Oak (map ref: 765359) and take the footpath that rises steadily to the trig. point on Chase End Hill. This is one of the smaller ie. lower Malvern Hills and so ideal for a mixed group of walkers and it doesn’t get as busy as central peaks.  Continue over Chase End Hill  and descend via either your footpath or the well-worn path coming from the Trig. Both paths end at a T junction of paths, here turn left on to a path heading for Chase End Street. You will soon be in the woods and find another rather well made path to your left running along the woodland  boundary. This is an old carriage track, laid out for ladies excursions. Follow this level track around the base of the hill and under lovely chestnuts to meet the road just a little South East of Whiteleaved Oak, turn left when you meet the road and continue back to your start. This is a very short walk of a couple of miles and if you want to walk more try starting at Hollybush on the A438 (765369) and walking over Ragged Stone Hill to Whiteleaved Oak and then pick up the rest of the walk. The County boundaries of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire meet pretty much at this point so it’s technically true to say you walked three counties. The view over Eastnor and Bromsberrow estates are lovely and you’ll have missed the crowds on British Camp.