Who are we?


All the people that contribute to Tinsmiths Cuttings are visual people –  makers, designers and “doers”. They like to get out and about and look – at buildings, at landscape, at art, at life. That is why Tinsmiths Cuttings isn’t just about Tinsmiths. We hope you enjoy their posts.

phoebe clive textile specialist and partner at tinsmithsPhoebe Clive, Partner

“We don’t do fashion, longevity is what we are about”. Phoebe studied Furniture at Leeds Poly., has spent over 20 years working with textiles and opened Tinsmiths in October 2004. She still sews…




alex clive designer and partner at Tinsmiths

Alex Clive, Partner

To be able to see spaces – walk around buildings, corridors, entrance ways in ones mind is a gift that allows Alex to design buildings. His approach is always to keep what has value in a site and to work with existing elements in a landscape.