It is sometimes difficult to imagine how bold printed textiles will work in a given application – as curtains, blinds or covers. A local customer has recently made some inspired choices and kindly allowed me to photograph them in situ. Here are just a couple of uses of larger prints that have been really successful and fit very well in their surrroundings. The Peacock is a fabric designed by Agnes Wimborne in the late 1970’s and is 100% linen which has a lovely soft, slightly faded tone.

Peacock fabric Curtains

Above,  the full length, triple pleated curtains were made by Tinsmiths Made-to-Measure service. The curtain system was specially adapted to cope with a 17th century farmhouse, variously updated according to subsequent building fashions.

We knew that Birdgarden, by Mark Hearld, worked well for curtains and blinds – having made a curtain for display in the showroom. But have a look at this sofa covered in birdgarden (natural) fabric which is 100% linen. The print is surprisingly easy on the eye and gives a nice informal look.

Sofa in Birdgarden by Mark Hearld