Made in the UK collage 2011

Having spent a few hours in Tinsmiths’ website administration software marking “home produce” with a Union Flag and the slogan “Product made in the UK”  I am pretty impressed at the number of products eligible.

A lot of our natural fabrics are woven in the UK – including wool plaids (one fibre “grown” here too), linens and cottons; all of our artist prints, most of our baskets, many oak products, lights and some lovely leather too. I am sure, in this first sweep, I have missed a few, but this is at least a start.

We  try, whenever we can, to find well made and well designed fabrics, lighting and accessories which are made here, not just because the economy needs support but also because fewer miles are driven getting here, which must be good for the environment. So, if you know any local suppliers who you think would fit in well with what Tinsmiths does, please tell us about them.

From top: Leather Ipad case, made in Hove, Sussex, Silk and Cashmere Scarves made in Lancashire and Cotton Ticking, also woven in Lancashire. Just a few examples – many others on our website and in the shop in Ledbury.