Not New York, but Herefordshire’s own. Twice a year, Harvest Time and Blossom Time, the seven parishes of the Marcle Ridge, near Ledbury, celebrate their heritage of orchards, apples and pears, cider and perry by staging a multi-venue event, The Big Apple.  Over the course of the weekend there are a variety tastings, lectures and seminars, tours and locally produced food on offer.  The nearby Marcle Ridge is a fine walk with views across to Malvern and the Black Mountains.

In May it is all about the blossom with orchard walks and trials of cider and perry maturing from the autumn pressing. Peer-judged trials establish a cider and perry-makers champion – but everyone gets a chance to taste. Head over to The Big Apple website to see what’s happening this season.

Big Apple Herefordshire Collage