Guides to this year’s Arts Week have just arrived – a very good reason to stop work for a cup of coffee and a browse through 40 colour pages of art from around Herefordshire. You can pick up your guide from Tinsmiths – libraries or Tourist Offices around the county. Well worth planning a route – or rather several day routes as the spread has never been so good.

Herefordshire artists are getting ready for this, the eleventh annual arts week, now well and truly established in the county’s calendar. Over a hundred venues open for visitors during the eight day event – the majority being open studios. Herefordshire Museum and Art Gallery host an open exhibition, whilst an exhibition for new artists “Herefordshire Young Open 2012” is staged at the Courtyard Arts Centre. At the back of the h.ARt guide you’ll see a list of demonstrations and workshops for visitors who would like to have a go themselves.

Of course, the participants want to sell their work. But the arts week isn’t only about selling; it is a chance for the artists to stop and think about where they go next, creatively. Putting together your own display is really good for focusing the mind and talking to visitors about what you do and why is also a very good process that helps the artists to take stock. You may or may not be in the market for a large imposing oil painting but the artists appreciate your interest and hope that you will spread the word – h.Art really isn’t to be missed.

This year, Tinsmiths is hosting an exhibition by potter, Stuart Houghton. You may remember that this is Stuart’s second (or even third) career and that he began it here in 2008. This exhibition “Potter’s Progress” brings us up to date with Stuart’s latest work and the exhibition will continue until 6th October. Come and see his progress here at Tinsmiths and visit his nearby pottery, which is open during h.ARt.


Stuart Houghton