Tinsmiths Shears Sign

Following in a long tradition of meaningful three dimensional signs, we have just put in place our new High Street sign. Before everyone could read and write, people relied on such signs to indicate trades. Tinsmiths originally had a very large kettle (now in Ledbury Folk Museum) hanging above its door – to indicate that pots and pans etc could be repaired and bought here.  The shears were designed by Alex Clive in stainless steel (ditto the roof of the fabulous showroom up the alley) and made, by hand,  locally. This sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight and so today we can feel we’ve really arrived on the High Street – although we actually enjoy being tucked away in the calm of Tinsmiths’ Alley. I’m afraid we will have to disappoint anyone with trailing locks looking for a haircut – personally I’d be rather alarmed if my hairdresser came at me wielding shears!