Consider the surfaces available for art and ornament in a living room, for instance. Joanna Wright’s “picture cushions” are a continuation of her still-life painting and print-making.  A love of textiles and stitching, added to a feeling that textiles should not be framed and hung on a wall but should be used, led to Joanna’s cushions.  Each one a carefully considered artwork, just not wall-mounted.

” In all my work I enjoy the process of layering and overlapping areas of colour and pattern. Inspiration comes from favourite things: plants, flowers, birds, and especially my large ceramic collection ranging from nineteenth century teawares to 1950s pots. I have boxes full of bits of fabric acquired over many years. I collect remnants from shops, antique fairs and markets, bits of vintage clothing, scraps of embroidery and lace. Some of the pieces of fabric are ones I have screen printed. I also collect buttons, threads and ribbons by rummaging round in old fashioned haberdashery shops when on holiday abroad”, explains Joanna.

When embarking on a cushion she selects fabrics, cuts out pieces and plays around, repositioning them until the design is balanced. She begins the appliqué process by tacking the pieces down. The cushions are then hand stitched with running stitch, blanket stitch, seeding and feather stitch and quilting before finally embellishing with buttons and beads.

Joanna trained at Wimbledon College of Art and has worked as an art teacher.

Joanna Wright Applique Cushions