Just arrived back from a visit to Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton in York. We have been working with Mark and Martin Clark (Tilley’s Letterpress, Ledbury) to produce limited editions of Mark’s recent linocuts – Squirrel, Blackbird, Little Owl and Flowers. Working collaboratively, yet at a distance, is a new experience and there was a lot to consider in this new role as a fine art print technicians.  Colour – the saturation and hue, registration – as we were printing two or three colours, paper quality and depth of impression to set on both the Heidelberg and Wharfdale presses all needed to be thought through.

Hence, Mark’s obvious pleasure at inspecting the results was swiftly followed by a deep sigh of relief from the technicians!  The prints will be part of St. Jude’s at Tinsmiths which opens next Friday – come and see how lovely these are in the flesh, if you can – or, if not, we’ll do our best to give you a glimpse on the website in the following week.

Mark Hearld