We are delighted to introduce Mouse by Mark Hearld, Fish by Angie Lewin, Lion by Ed Kluz and Bear by Emily Sutton.  Printed on our local letterpress, using engravings cut for the purpose, we have commissioned and limited edition of 150 sets of the four beermats and 100 of these are available now. The proceeds from the sales go to the Mental Health Charity, MIND. We chose to give to MIND because mental ill health still holds a stigma in society and, despite being a very widespread ailment,  sufferers are often least able to plead their case for improvements in treatment within the health system.

We are very grateful to the artists in our next exhibition for their generosity and to Martin Clark at Tilley’s Letterpress for his careful handling of the project,  please support us, order your coasters and enjoy every drop they accompany.

St. Jude’s at Tinsmiths opens at the end of this month (if you would like an invitation for the private view on Friday 30th March 2012, please e-mail your address details asap as we are just about to complete our mailing) and continues until 28th April 2012. The exhibition spans Easter and Tinsmiths will be open on Good Friday. We hope you can come and see the prints, originals, textiles and books by the artists.

St Judes Beermats