Tinsmiths have always offered free cuttings of fabrics, this really helps people to make decisions and to be sure of the qualities of the cloth. Having reviewed this recently (2012), we have decided that we will send out up five swatches without charge and up to eight swatches for £5.00 – eight being the maximum we will send. In carefully considering and looking back over years of experience we observed that having more samples doesn’t actually help one to decide – in fact the fewer ordered the more likely a decision could be arrived at.

The process of cutting, labelling and sending out cuttings appears simple, but with increasing web-enquiries, representing 100 or more swatches each day so, with requests from customers coming to the shop, we cut and label approaching 1000 swatches each week. Therefore it is not surprising that we sometimes get a little over-whelmed with requests, so please bear with us if your swatches take a few days to arrive.

Tinsmiths Swatches