Tilley Poster Collage

A dozen large format “Poster Poems”, with words from Nick Alexander, are now complete and ready for posting up during Ledbury’s Poetry Festival. Having spent quite a few hours designing and typesetting my own “Poster Poem” for Tinsmiths’ Talking Wall (for Ledbury Poetry Festival 2011) I really appreciate these as works of art. With masses of large format wooden and metal lettering to choose from, plus beautifully carved line spacings and a fascinating library of engravings and illustrations it takes quite a bit of time to familiarise oneself with the fabulous resource that is, Tilleys – not to mention the wonderfully built and oiled machinery of Martin Clark’s presses.

So, with belts flying last Friday I inked my first roller on the enormous banquet table-sized press. Of course, with a few mishaps – mainly due to my lack of co-ordination or ability to think “in reverse” – the first colour was printed in a trice. Like decorating, it seems that with printing, it is all in the prep. You can see, from the shiny type in the photographs, that inks take some time to dry and so one has to give it a bit of time before hand-mixing the next colour (no pantone colours here!). The most marvellous thing about the whole process has been seeing blocks that had been rather languishing in a dusty corner (requiring a little leap of faith to imagine them in use), produce bold and crisp imprints – as good as new……

Do come and see Tinsmiths’ Alley emblazoned with a dozen large format poster for the poetry festival – and to hear the poet Nick Alexander recite a selection of his poems. The posters, each produced in a limited edition of 25,  will be for sale at Tinsmiths during the Poetry Festival. They will appear in the Artists Prints section of the website at the end of next week. Look out for the heading “Tilley” to see all twelve poem posters.