Birds by Mark Hearld, Curtains to Calendar…..

Tinsmiths CalendarWe have been producing a letterpress calendar for nine years but this year is really special for us. For the first time we have commissioned original artwork from one of our favourite artists, Mark Hearld.

Mark Hearld at TilleysMark studied at Glasgow School of Art and then at The Royal College of Art;¬† “Tinsmiths” first experienced his work as printed fabric produced by St. Jude’s. In the intervening ten years we have held biennial exhibitions St. Jude’s artists and sold hundreds of metres of their stunning and diverse fabrics. Our sewing room have made innumerable pairs of curtains, blinds and cushions using Mark’s texile designs, much to the delight of recipients.

The idea of commissioning illustrations for this year’s calendar surfaced when Mark commissioned Tinsmiths to make a pretty complicated curtain for the extraordinarily rich interior of his York house. It seemed a good opportunity for an exchange.



Martin Clark, who runs Tilley Letterpress in the neighbouring alleyway here, in Ledbury, has always printed our calendars. During 2016 Martin and Mark worked together to produce some large linocut prints and some smaller hand-coloured line prints¬† for Tinsmiths’ “Spring Life” earlier in 2016, with this background the two were familiar and comfortable in working together on the calendar.

With a shared interest in British Wildlife we settled on a bird a month with a flock of pidgeons for our front cover. Mark’s twelve illustrations have an energy and fluidity that captures characteristics of each species. Thank you so much this collection, Mark and thank you Martin for the care you took in printing them.

To see more details of the calendar and to order on-line follow this link.

Mark Hearld Birds Calendar




2 thoughts on “Birds by Mark Hearld, Curtains to Calendar…..

  1. How interesting the blogs were, especially the one about Stoke on Trent,people tend to think Stoke on Trent as a district of smoking chimneys
    and generally of no interest. Many interesting people were born in Stoke on Trent, Arnold Bennett, Reginald Mitchell and of course Josiah Wedgewood only one of many great potters! The countryside is good, you do not have to travel far to be away from the city, we are so lucky because we do not to venture far to be in the countryside. Well that’s the end of this travel blog. Try a longer stay in Stoke on Trent it will be worth your while.
    Roving reporter signing off, Patricia Hassall.

  2. Hello Patricia, Yes, I agree Stoke is a very interesting place and the surrounding area well worth a visit. In fact, we are hoping to get along to The Wedgwood Museum in the next few weeks – which may well stimulate a blog posting….

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