Having suggested Hergest Ridge in the past, this reminder for those who need to breath deep and look long over beautiful countryside comes with an extra incentive to head towards Kington, Herefordshire. Potter James Stuart Burnett outgrew his London digs a few years back and has established his new pottery at Lower Way Farm, Lower Hergest. I think James would be happy to be described as a “country” potter – his pots fit perfectly in a farmhouse kitchen.

Phoebe and I visited during h.ARt and am enjoying a new serving dish – see below. Creamy slip over a rugged red earthenware, lovely – food looks great in it. He is open now until Sunday 5pm and by appointment at other times.

When visiting take the Brilley road from Kington along the foot of the ridge and look out on your left for the very unusual Hergest Court (dating from 15th century – but probably much earlier) standing on an easily defensible position on a rise over the River Arrow. I note that the court is open by appointment with the estate office and with a month’s notice – checking my diary now……

Also, if visiting in Spring take a look at Hergest Croft Gardens, the home of the Banks family well known for plant explorations in the 19th century – with many Himalayan species propagated for the first time in this country at Hergest. Rhododendrons and azaleas are spectacular Park Wood, the formal garden and nursery a treat for plant lovers.