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What do People do all Day? Our Calendar for 2014

letterpress calendar 2014

For 2014 we have created a Working Lives Calendar. One of the most exciting experiences for us, at Tinsmiths, is to find someone who produces beautiful things that work. Each month we interview an individual about the work do. Our first “victim” is Martin Clark – who printed our calendar and, for February, Ledbury’s chocolatier, Ben Boyle. The interviews are posted here, on Tinsmiths’ Cuttings, at the beginning of the month. All of our worker’s are from around Ledbury, we hope you enjoy their stories and perhaps you will be inspired to visit the area in the future. Do pop in and say hello.

Working with Tilleys

Letterpress Posters

We are incredibly lucky to have one of the few working letterpress printers* in the country as one of our nearest Ledbury neighbours. We started working with Martin Clark at Tilleys shortly after Tinsmiths opened and we now have quite a portfolio of collaborative work. In 2009 we printed our first letterpress calendar, which has become an annual project.

Our 2015 calendar will be available from November 2014.
* letterpress printing involves using solid lettering – wood or metal. The type compositor puts these letters together in a frame which is very tightly pack, placed on the press and inked. You can tell letterpress from the impression made in the paper and from some really lovely typefaces and ornaments. Some of Tilley’s date back to 1875 – and some letters stand 10cm high. It is very satisfying, in a throw-away world, to see this wonderful resource being used literally decade after decade – even the signs of wear add to the quality of print.
Wooden Letterpress Type

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